Thursday, June 19, 2008

Border Control

Today is the first day I get to head out into the field. Yesterday we were split into groups where we did research on what kinds of stories we wanted to do.

I'm part of a group dealing with border control with Zimbabwe immigrants. In a few hours I will be leaving for a 6-7 hour bus ride to Musina, a city on the border between South Africa and Zimbabwe. We won't get there until tonight which means a full day of reporting tomorrow before we make the trek back on Saturday afternoon. After talking to one of the photojournalist for The Star, a paper in Johannesburg, there are many photo opportunities to be had, which only makes me more anxious. We already have a team that took the train last night so we have all of our bases covered.

Many of the other groups will be making their way around or just outside of Jo-Burg (what the locals call Johnnesburg) in order to come up with some really awesome stories. Some of the other themes we have are health, migrant origins, economics, children, xenophobia, and a few others my scatter brain is probably forgetting.

I'm off to make some sandwiches for our journey, be prepared for some photos coming up. We're trying to update as much as possible but the internet isn't as reliable as we thought it would be.

Until next time.

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