Friday, June 20, 2008

Interesting stories

Yesterday my group and I were able to go to some pretty interesting places and talked to people who had a lot to say about their situation.

One of our contacts, Eddie from the Zimbabwe Exiles Forum, was able to take us to field where Zimbabweans sleep while awaiting their asylum papers. There, we heard from a man who crossed the flooded Limpopo river in order to come here and get money for his family. Another man was in South Africa after he was beaten for openly supporting the MDC in Zimbabwe. This man inspired me the most- he had been beaten for his beliefs, his arm was broken, yet his main concern was getting back to Zimbabwe to vote in the upcoming election.

We also spent some time in an old tire warehouse where a large group of Zimbabweans are staying since their houses were burnt down in the xenophobic attacks. A volunteer woman there, a South African, came to the building twice a week in order to cook for the people and pray with them. She had an interesting view on the situation, having been inspired by the Bible to help the displaced people.

Overall a great day, and it looks like we will have another today.

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