Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Zim Rally

Late this afternoon, there was a rally on the Nelson Mandela bridge in Jo'Burg in support of solidarity and radical change in Zimbabwe. It was pretty exhilirating because a bunch of professional photographers we've spoken to were also covering the rally. For example, Shane Robinson from The Star and Jerome DeLay from AP.

Above isn't the greatest picture in the world. But a photographer who came to chat tonight told me that the raised hand signifies support of the MDC (Movement for Democratic Change).

Most of the people I talked to at the rally were South Africans. One woman told us that she went to Zim when she was younger and she thought that the country was just beautiful. She said that she came to the rally to support change because Zimbabweans are her neighbors.

After the rally on the bridge, the people moved down to Mary Fitzgerald Square where there were Zimbabwean bands, poetry readings and a candlelight vigil.

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