Saturday, June 21, 2008



I have no words to describe what the past week here has been like. Nothing I can come up with does Jo'burg and the people here justice. Everyone we've met has been so extremely hospitable and welcoming--we were told before we left that it feels like home, and it truly does.

While we were at the Xeno Forum Tuesday night, one of our professors met Shayne Robinson, a senior photographer for The Star here in Jo'burg. He has been more than amazing to us and I'm not sure where a lot of us would be if he didn't have the sweet connections he does. Seriously. He has a contact for everything, every story we could possibly imagine. He's awesome.

Today he took myself, Kate and Jenna out to shoot a youth against drugs rally. It rained last night and he said when it rains, things usually get called off. So, we had no rally to shoot but that was no big deal. Shayne took us up to the highest point in Jo'burg where we found some pretty amazing photo opportunities. We've got some pretttyyy cool stuff planned!

I believe I've developed a British accent this trip--and am trying to get the African one down. No luck yet, but the Brit one is quite fun to break out now and then. We've been to a couple dodgy parts, but all very interesting.

A Bollywood movie is being filmed on campus, so the past couple days we've walked past the crew and mass of extras. Our goal is to creepily be in the background of every scene *DAVDIIDD WEBSTERR* (Which is comparable to High School Musical...perhaps.)

cheers, mate.

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