Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Today UN-L, Wits and ASU split up into eight groups focusing on eight general topics that all deal with immigration. We stay in these groups for a week then we can decide if we'd like to try a new topic for the last week.

I'll be working with Jenna, Charlie and Kenichi on origins of immigrants in South Africa.

Apparently there is a small population of Pakistanis in Jo'burg so hopefully we'll get to visit them tomorrow.

Other than that, tonight we went to a debate about xenophobia. It was nice to hear the people speak for a change. I've been seeing images in papers and hearing speakers vaguely touch on the topic but hearing the people speak out their opinions and their concerns about the attacks made it tangible.

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Rich said...

I imagine it is hard to simply "report the facts" While drawing many personal conclusions. I will be interested to hear how you end up evaluting the situation.

Rich DV